National Coming Out Day Luncheon, hosted by the Designer Brands

National Coming Out Day Luncheon, hosted by the Designer Brands

Mindy Halasz, Co-Chair of  (LGBTQIA+ Brand Employee Group- BRG) of Designer Brands (that includes brands such as DSW), invited us — aka Vinny Sanfillipo, Lisa Kagy and Rini Das of  Zettabytes.Today team and Stacy Drake of PFLAG Columbus to speak at their annual National Coming Out Day Luncheon.

The Leaders of MySELF BRG are:

Mindy Halasz  – Co-ChairSonya Voronkova – Co-ChairErica Melton – Community Committee ChairKimberly Hensley – Communications ChairMargaret Kluk – Business Committee ChairTodd Roudabush – Talent Committee ChairJared Poff ( EVP CFO) – Executive Sponsor


We were delighted to speak and we discussed many topics including

Coming out can be a lifelong journey. How do you manage coming out in different situations? Coming out as “Transgender or Non-binary” at your work-placeHow to be an ally for those who are “coming out” at your work-place?How to support as a parent or a grandparent or relative when a child or grandchild or young relative comes out?How to support someone in their journey in coming out in a virtual work environmentWhat resources can we provide?There were more than seventy globally-dispersed attendees at the virtual event. Some of the attendees and speakers and the MySELF leaders are included in the photo below.


Come out when you are in a safe environment and at your time-table.


This logo is owned by Human Rights Campaign

“Coming Out” Resources:

From PFLAG: Human Rights Campaign: Trevor Project: GLSEN:  Matthew Sheppard Foundation: Out as Trans at Work — A framework, drawn from the experiences of eight transgender professionals. by Michael Cherny, Shalene Gupta, and Sandra J. Sucher, Harvard Business Review, October 12, 202113 Reasons Why You Must Come Out of the Closet By Alexander Cheves

September 29, 2021 The Ultimate Agile versus Lean Showdown with Dhruva Vyas of Nationwide and Rini Das of RD Management Consulting Inc.

The Invitation: Here is the invite

The Agenda: 

Community Partner: Jaron Terry, President of PFLAG Columbus discussed the history of PFLAG and announce any upcoming events to celebrate National Coming Out Day on October 13, 2021.
Headline: The Ultimate Showdown! Agile versus Lean. Dhruva Vyas of Nationwide representing AGILE versus Rini Das of RD Management Consulting Inc. representing LEAN.
Key Bartender: Connor Pilbeam demonstrated a mocktail/cocktail to celebrate Autumn. 

PFLAG — Jaron Terry

Headliner: Dhruva Vyas and Rini Das

Showdown: Facilitated by Robbin Bowman

November 11th – Great time at the Tech Life Takeover with Tech Life Columbus, Tech Elevator, and Zettabytes.Today!

 The Zettabytes.Today team had an absolute blast at the Tech Life Takeover event! 

Tech Life Takeover, hosted by 1487 Brewing and Tech Life Columbus, is a monthly event where the bulk of the proceeds go to a specific charitable organization. This month, we supported ACS PanOhioHope Ride and Union County Special Olympics! 

It was also incredible getting to see the huge turnout from the Tech community here in Columbus, as well as all Tech Elevator students who are gearing up for graduation! 

Bummed you missed out on the fun? Come check out our next event at Land Grant Brewing on December 1st for Vinny Rini Martini hour! Register for the event here: 

See you there! 

August 25, 2021 Olive AI’s CTO David Landreman discusses AI in Healthcare and its Ethical Considerations and how it Impacts Queer Community

The Invitation: Here is the invite

The Agenda: 

David Landreman, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Olive AI talked about how his team is working to apply artificial intelligence to close gaps and connect disconnected systems in healthcare.

Chase McCants of Zettabytes.Today spoke as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, how he finds Olive AI’sinclusive environment in the workspace.

Key Bartenders: Vinny Sanfillipo and Robbin Bowman of Zettabytes.Today presented Dirty Martinis.

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Which Martini will you choose? The Rini or the Vinny?

Zettabytes.Today‘s Co-Founder Rini Das and I became fast friends over a variety of topics, but one thing that always brings us together is the martini. Crisp, briny, and ever so boozy, the Martini never fails to satisfy. Moreover, you’ll often find Rini and myself at a Rini Vinny Martini happy hour, where we’ll enjoy martinis and chat about the goings on in the tech community here in Columbus. 

Historically speaking, the birthplace of the martini is unknown, although most stories include the Gold Rush in California and the town of Martinez. The original refined version of the cocktail emerged during Prohibition, which was a gin and vermouth based cocktail. Then, in the early 1950’s and 1960’s, vodka became increasingly popular, and with a little help from James Bond, the Vodka Martini, or kangaroo cocktail, was born. Interested in learning more about the origins of the Martini and its long history? Check out this USA Today article here.

Shocker and spoilers here: Rini and I find ourselves on the opposite ends of the Martini spectrum. While we’re not opposed to each other’s school of thought around the coveted cocktail, we’re strongly committed to our personal spins on each. 

The Rini Martini

Rini prefers a more classic take on the Martini, with good gin and vermouth being the stars of the show. 

Here’s what you’ll need: 

3 parts good Gin (Rini prefers Plymouth, Roku, or Hendrick’s)
1 part Extra Dry Vermouth
1 Lime Ribbon
1 Martini Glass
1 Drinker Shaker

Put your glass in the chiller. 
In a shaker, combine ice, gin, and vermouth. 
Stir for 20-30 seconds(about 20 times around the glass). 
Pour into cold Martini glass. 
Garnish with lime ribbon. 

The Vinny Martini

As is no surprise, I prefer a more modern take on the Martini, which is essentially an extra dry dirty martini.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

3 oz of good vodka, (I prefer Chopin or Ketel One for my Martini)
.75 oz of olive juice
3 Pimento Stuffed Olives, skewered
1 Martini Glass

Fill your Martini Glass with cold water and ice. Set aside. 

In a shaker, combine vodka, olive juice, and ice. 

Stir for 15-20 seconds. 

Discard the water and ice out of the martini glass. 
Pour the vodka mixture into the glass.  
Garnish with olive spear.   

No matter how you prefer your martini, you are always welcome at Vinny Rini Martini! 

Want in on the next one? Meet us at Land Grant on December 1st at 5:30pm to come enjoy one with us! 

You can register for the event and see the details here!

What’s your favorite spin on the martini? We want to know! 

Are you Team Rini (Gin) or Team Vinny(Vodka)? 

Let us know in the comments below! 

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