Launch of Zettabytes.Today website and new programs made me think about the most frequently asked question (FAQ)

Zettabytes.Today is shiny and new.

New!! Become a Zetta Star Membership program.New!! Become a Megabytes, Gigabytes or Zettabytes Sponsor.Register and attend Events!! via our new platform

Check out our new website:

Welcome Home

Hear Us — Read and hear.

Meet Us — Meet all who makes Zettabytes.Today your network

See Us — Check out upcoming events and all our past news and events

Join Us — Participate — darn it!

The Beginnings: Lisa Kagy and I chat about how it all got started in August 2019.

As we launch the new membership, sponsorship and new event management program, let us answer the most FAQ: How did we get started?