National Coming Out Day Luncheon, hosted by the Designer Brands

National Coming Out Day Luncheon, hosted by the Designer Brands

Mindy Halasz, Co-Chair of  (LGBTQIA+ Brand Employee Group- BRG) of Designer Brands (that includes brands such as DSW), invited us — aka Vinny Sanfillipo, Lisa Kagy and Rini Das of  Zettabytes.Today team and Stacy Drake of PFLAG Columbus to speak at their annual National Coming Out Day Luncheon.

The Leaders of MySELF BRG are:

Mindy Halasz  – Co-ChairSonya Voronkova – Co-ChairErica Melton – Community Committee ChairKimberly Hensley – Communications ChairMargaret Kluk – Business Committee ChairTodd Roudabush – Talent Committee ChairJared Poff ( EVP CFO) – Executive Sponsor


We were delighted to speak and we discussed many topics including

Coming out can be a lifelong journey. How do you manage coming out in different situations? Coming out as “Transgender or Non-binary” at your work-placeHow to be an ally for those who are “coming out” at your work-place?How to support as a parent or a grandparent or relative when a child or grandchild or young relative comes out?How to support someone in their journey in coming out in a virtual work environmentWhat resources can we provide?There were more than seventy globally-dispersed attendees at the virtual event. Some of the attendees and speakers and the MySELF leaders are included in the photo below.


Come out when you are in a safe environment and at your time-table.


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“Coming Out” Resources:

From PFLAG: Human Rights Campaign: Trevor Project: GLSEN:  Matthew Sheppard Foundation: Out as Trans at Work — A framework, drawn from the experiences of eight transgender professionals. by Michael Cherny, Shalene Gupta, and Sandra J. Sucher, Harvard Business Review, October 12, 202113 Reasons Why You Must Come Out of the Closet By Alexander Cheves