Throw Back Thursday: January 12, “Go Be You Coach: To be, or Not to Be…out in your workplace”

We had a GREAT start to 2022 with our January 12th session “To be, or Not to Be…out in your workplace”, featuring “Go Be You” Business Coach and speaker Scott Kirkendall and Jyllian Spikes, of our Community Organization Black, Out & Proud !!

After the drink demo during our fabulous Cocktail/Mocktail hour, Jyll Spikes discussed how her organization Black, Out & Proud provides a safe space for the African American LGBTQ community through advocacy, educational and social opportunities.

Scott Kirkendall then gave an inspiring and thought-provoking talk on how being closeted in the workplace versus being out affects LGBTQ folx; how things have changed over time; and how being out affects and empowers LGBTQ people.

Wonderful event !!