March 30, 2022 — “Why is Your P.O. Crying??”

On March 30th, Zettabytes hosted a fabulous virtual event where we got the lowdown on Tech Product Ownership and our on Community Partner Organization Equality Ohio!

Delaney Barr, Esq. of Equality Ohio

The evening began with Delaney Barr, Esq. of Equality Ohio laying out for us the history of her organization and the way it advocates for the legal rights of LGBTQ Ohioans in terms of:  

~ non-discrimination protections in employment and housing

~ same-sex legal recognition and LGBTQ family law

~ hate crimes protection

Equality Ohio is also working to defeat the *unprecedented* wave of hateful legislation being introduced that would adversely affect our communities (Anti-gay/Anti-Trans Youth laws, censoring teachers so they can’t talk about race and/or LGBTQ issues, etc.)

Later, our own Rachael Henderschott led a presentation on “Why Product Owner are like Toddlers”. 

Rachael Henderschott, Zettabytes.Today

Being a Product Owner herself, she discussed the responsibilities of her role; the day-to-day challenges of managing stakeholder interests and expectations, feature development and ROI, and understanding why product increments may or may NOT move forward (leaving P.O.s crying like toddlers who don’t get their way).